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What people are said about Mel Harvey in panto...

Dick Whittington review by Finn Marum aged seven.

I didn't really know much about the story of Dick Whittington before I went to the panto.

One of the first people on the stage was Fairy Bowbells who told the story but every time she came on, Queen Rat came on too and we all booed her which was great fun.

One of the characters all the kids liked was Idle Jack (Mel Harvey) who did some funny magic tricks and got us all to sing a song about a worm called Wiggly Woo. He was really funny.

I had a really brilliant time at the Panto and when it finished I said to my Mum that I wished it could go on for another four hours.

Weekly Tribune.
Duggie Chapman has compiled a festive offering that is well directed, nicely costumed and rich in both comedy and song.

Mel Harvey (Idle Jack), has many seasons behind him as an accomplished magician and producer of Childrens Entertainment, and how it showed. Combining the script with moments of magic, he had the youngsters eating out of his hand, and well deserved his ovation at curtain call.

Reported by Jim Kennedy "Encore" Magazine.

Dick Whittington is a Duggie Chapman production under the direction of Freddie "parrot face" Davies.

Mel Harvey was on and off stage throughout the entire two hour performance. He immediately connected with his audience and used this to great effect especially as a party of scouts were in attendance and "Akela" became the "butt" of his jokes.

Review by Brian Miller on Magic Week

A pretty traditional panto full of everything you'd expect, from the cries of "he's behind you" and "oh no he isn't" to the pantomime dame and all the other compulsory clich?s.

But it fairly successfully manages to appeal to older audiences by including a lot of contemporary jokes, with references to the X Factor and I'm a Celebrity thrown in.

Derry Pope was good as Dick Whittington and local comic Les Wilson was good value, but the star of the show was magician Mel Harvey as Idle Jack. He's a funny guy and the kids thought he was hilarious.

Coventry Evening Telegraph

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