Mr Hairy is an American Robot and is ideal as greeter for both the Corporate market and private functions, with weddings his speciality. Mr Hairy sways, turns and bobs his head just like a real person. His hands move up and down on the keyboard of the Yamaha while his foot taps in time with the music. This ain't no ordinary dummy!

Mr Hairy is happy to play his Yamaha organ in hotels, shopping centres and exhibitions where he always draws a big crowd. Imagine the surprise when Mr Hairy starts talking to your guests and playing the organ at the same time!

Mr Hairy is also able to deliver sales messages whilst he entertains.

In the past Mr Hairy has worked for a number of top class companies including British Airways, Marks and Spencers and Moat House International Hotels, to name but a few.

As a fundraiser Mr Hairy is second to none. His hilarious remarks and organ playing have filled many a charity bucket! Mr Hairy is also "a man for all seasons" as he will play music appropriate to the occasion and at Christmas can be seen playing in his special Santa Suit.

For those who like background details Mr Hairy was born in Hairyville which, as everybody knows is in Hairyland U.S.A., that wonderful paradise where the grass is always greener. Leaving school at 84 with 16 hairylevels and being especially adept at soccer, he was snapped up by Hairy United. He played in his favourite position, very forward, responding always to the chorus from the terraces, "Hairy Go, Hairy go, Hairy go" He gained 589 caps with the national team until his legs finally gave out when he was still a youthful 102. Mr Hairy studied at the Hairytorium later joining the Hairy James Orchestra. After this he went solo and became a major star with his first big hit on the Hairyphone label, "Here's That Hairy Day" with the follow up success, "Hairy Days are Here Again". His first tour brought him to the U.K. where he arrived by private hairyplane. Mr Hairy's success should come as no surprise considering his pedigree. After all, his nephew, Hairyson Ford has done pretty well together with his cousin, Hairy Tyler Moore. More could of course be said of his cousin twice removed on his mother's side Hairy Belafonte and who can forget Hairy Corbett's, Sooty..

Of course if you believe any of the above you can probably knit fog! The proof of the pudding is always in the eating. However don't try to eat MR HAIRY... just book him and enjoy some "musical robotics and interactive comedy chat"

Totally automated but would need a power supply plus cover if outdoors.

For details of Mr Hairy's fees and availability telephone:

07860 485578